The Churt Community Support Scheme cannot provide any financial help or advice; in this instance Assistance Requestors should refer to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau or their local Borough Council.


Volunteers and Assistance Requestors are asked to arrange payment/reimbursement for shopping etc. between themselves. Those who use internet banking are encouraged to use this method. Churt News, our local Churt store are offering a ‘phone in your grocery order’ service and will accept card payment over the telephone. They will also deliver, or orders can be collected by a Volunteer. They plan to offer a mobile credit card payment facility on order delivery. See Churt News Facebook Page  / 01428 714196. See also a Key Numbers-Support, Shops, Services offering delivery services. 


 If an Assistance Requestor is unwell with Covid-19 symptoms, they must not pay for goods with cash and should use a remote method of payment. Additionally, the strong advice is to disinfect cash before it is handed between Volunteers and Assistance Requestors whenever possible.