Ask For Help

Anyone in our local Churt community who is self-isolating, otherwise unable to meet their shopping, prescription collection, dog-walking etc. needs, or even just needs a friendly phone call may request assistance by phoning the Covid-19 Community Support Call Centre on:

Tel: 01428 748655

Between 10am and 5pm

You will be asked to consent to the Disclaimer which we legally need to have in place covering this Support Scheme. Rest assured that all our volunteers have been verified as bona-fide Churt residents and that any personal information which you need to divulge will be kept in strictest confidence. Your contact details and an outline of your request will be passed to the Churt Volunteer Group Co-ordinator who may contact you for further details on your request. The request (without any personal details) will be posted on the Churt WhatsApp Volunteer Group; a Volunteer will pick it up and contact you. Please note that The Churt WhatsApp Volunteer Group, or an individual volunteer may need to prioritise requests according to need.


The Volunteer will liaise directly with you to understand the scope and details of your requirement (shopping / prescription collections / friendly phone call etc) and how payment will work. Payments .Volunteers are not obliged to do anything which makes them feel uncomfortable and are prohibited from any illegal activity.


If you require prescription collection, you will need to share some personal information with your Volunteer; this includes, full name, full address, date of birth, type of medication and quantity to be collected. The Volunteer will keep this information in strictest confidence.   It is possible that you may need to ask your Doctor’s Surgery to provide written consent for your Volunteer to collect medication. You are encouraged to inform your GP surgery, via telephone, of the arrangements in place and follow their advice.


To protect you, when actioning a request for assistance, Volunteers are asked to identify themselves to you with official Identification (Driving Licence, or Passport) on their first visit. They will hold their ID up at a window if possible, or else at a distance. On all visits try to avoid personal contact, but if it is unavoidable, keep at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from one another, limit the time spent together to no more than 15 minutes maximum and where possible conduct your meeting in the open air and avoid indoor spaces. To minimise risk, deliveries will normally be left outside your property and the Volunteer will let you know it is there.


Please inform your Volunteer in advance of any dogs, or other pets, at the property and, wherever possible, keep dogs away from Volunteers attending the property.


Please advise your Volunteer if you have any allergies and of things to avoid if they are forced to make substitutions in your shopping.


Rest assured that if any volunteer or any member of their household shows Covid-19 symptoms then they will cease all CCS Scheme activity IMMEDIATELY. But by participating in this Churt Community Support Scheme, you need to understand the risks. Whilst this Policy follows Government’s public health guidance to avoid contact and minimise risk, all contact carries risk which cannot be eliminated. Volunteers and Assistance Requestors within the community will increase their risk of contracting Covid-19. Volunteers and Assistance Requestors participate in this CCSS at their own risk.


You are encouraged to complete the “My Coronavirus / Covid-19 Emergency Plan” form and return it to the Churt Parish Council Clerk via the Postbox at the Pavilion on the Churt Recreation Ground. or via email.